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Jul. 7th, 2009

One new added SW costume in my projects list!

 Oh, again the order on SW costume. Now already it will be a men's costume.Addition of one more costume in projects list planned on this year.

Anakin Skywalker ROTS costume

I have almost got the necessary fabrics and dyes. It is necessary to find only the leather sewing machine for a belt and boots.

10th Anniversary SW convent StarCon has ended!

The All-Russia convent of Star Wars fans has been closed on Sunday on July, 5th. All was healthy, costumes was much, at last there was a full Darth Vader costume. It was 10th Anniversary and we had a fantastic celebration in this year!

Photos from convent:

All photos made by Hope and two with group unknown author.

Our Darth Vader 

SMX.ru Team(not full)

SMX Christina Slavinskaya in Padme Lake Gown from Episode II

Our Bale and Beru Organa

More SW Universe costumes

Our left side Group Photo of Full Fandom of SW

And center and right side of Group Photo of Full Fandom of SW(Me in white shirt,black corset and hat)


It was just AMAZING!Thanks for this  celebration!

P.S. I hope that I can arrive in the end of July, 2011 on Celebration in London...

Jun. 30th, 2009

New added Padme Gown in my projects list!

Hello all!

I here concerning my plans for Padme gowns. I was afflicted that I can't make my three favourite gowns quickly(2-3 months).
In the list the new Padme gown which I plan to make in near October - November was added.

Padme Packing gown from Episode II

I already know, how to make this gown. I know where to get original fabrics, dyes in correct colours. I practised with patterns and have studied this gown up and down. It is necessary to wait only the moment when all will be ready for connection of fabrics, dyes and cutting of details of a costume. I well work with metal, therefore I will make excellent armbands for this gown. If after practice I will have parts or whole gowns - I am obligatory sell them to that, who requires them. About a wig and how to make him I will write separately.

Jun. 23rd, 2009

Oh,I back with good news!

How long I didn't appear here. I ask to forgive me. I handed over session. Has received all the five in subjects and now I search for work for students. I have already solved how to begin my projects with replica costumes. Besides, if I find good fabrics, I will necessarily make photos and I will show them here. My camera isn't especially good (Konica Minolta which have laid off from produce), but quality of photos is enough for the screen. Now I have almost got a job. I need to update the "Irish" clothes - to buy new footwear and accessories for the Irish dance. To help friend with the Internet and further already to work over costumes. I sew well enough and if I will have any parts of costumes for sale, do not hesitate and write to me. With pleasure I will answer. The first days off of July come nearer, and it means that on the way the Russian convent on Star Wars - StarCon 10. It is anniversary and consequently there there should be many people in costumes, but unfortunately I have had no time to sew something. I will lay out photos from convent in journal and in the account on photobucket.com.
By the way, I have made recently good sceencaps of Padme gowns from Episode II. They are made of a film blu-ray wit high quality. Here some examples screencaps:

So you can see the others screencaps here:
Open link in browser,then click on "Padme Costumes",then "Movie Screencaps" and at last click "Episode II".

Jun. 2nd, 2009

My plans on costumes

Time has come to understand with costumes which I plan to make in the near future. Well, we will begin with the approximate list of costumes for the summer:
1) Padme Loyalist Committee gown(Episode II)
It's my favourite gown of Padme from Episode II(on second part is Meadow Picnic). I should join the group order of a fabric for a coat on TFN board. I begin searches of a fabric for a dress, lining for a coat, internal sleeves of a dress and a lining for a dress.I should experiment with dyes for a coat and receive as much as possible identical colour, as on the original.To understand, how farthingale is made for a dress.

2)Aurra Sing costume(Commission)
Should start to do since August 2009.To find a good pattern for bodysuit and a fabric.To ask people who have made replicas of this costume about details.Plus,to make for the husband of customer a Jedi robe.

3) Re-made Meadow Picnic gown(Episode II)

This my next dress. Once for a long time I have made this dress, but it was not pleasant to me, as I have made it very bad(It was my first sewing attempt and SW costume). I have decided to alter it and to make almost, as the original. To begin searches of a fabric for a corset and a cape (eventually I can embroider it by hands). Order from MiraxThorn from TFN boards sequins for skirt and blouse.To make a corset pattern. To experiment with dyes for a skirt and a blouse.To make embroidery by hand on corset,skirt and blouse.To find good shoes,ribbons and ribbon for headband.

It's everything that I need to make initially.